HI! I am a 28 year old communication designer from Norway, living in Denmark. I love my job as a webdesigner for DR Ultra Nyt, the danish broadcasts kids news. I have lived in Denmark for over seven years, which has given me a good dan-nor accent. My field is communication design, and what excites me the most is when I get to work directly with a user group, creating for and with others, looking at projects in an anthropological way. The same way I go to a project with an open and often humoristic approach, at the same time it should have substance. It should communicate to people, in a way that moves or educates them. Or just triggers their associations, like "haha, yes that is so true!" I love the qwerky and unexpected, looking at peoples habits and behavior. My goal has always been to to work with communicating to children. But also make room for projects that speaks to the children in adults. Techniques Let us not forget the analogue skills and traditions. The beauty of working in hand, giving a product charm and an appreciation of all the work behind it. But let's also be realistic, time relevant and sometimes quick and smooth. And the most beautiful creation of all; when the analogue and the digital forms together in a exciting fusion. More concrete - I work a lot in hand, but almost always runs it through the computer afterwards for finishing. I especially love animating in AE, I use most of the Adobe pack on a daily basis, and love learning new tricks and skills.
Work Communications designer for DR Ultra Nyt, web and SoMe Freelance web and SoMe designer for DR Ultra & Ultra Nyt Intern at DR Ultra and Ultra Nyt, web and SoMe designer Weekend communicator, Nicolai for Børn - Creative activity and workshop house for kids from 2-12 years Assistant, Billedskolen Kolding - Teaching of illustration and art to children Assistant design instructor, Arkitekturens dag Kolding - course in architecture for high school students Graphic designer, Århus Statsgymnasium - Magazine layout design Education 2016 - ongoing Master in Communication Design, Kolding Design School 2013 - 2016 Bachelor in Communication Design, Kolding Design School 2012 - 2013 Graphic Design, Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole, Randers 2010 - 2011 Film and Media Science, Åbent universitet Copenhagen 2008 - 2009 Creative Writing, Buskerud fhs 2005 - 2008 Media and Communication, Nesbru vgs Course/Conference Urban Spaces 3 - International conference about children and architecture Counterplay - International conference with the theme: Play whenit´s difficult
teslakonings@gmail.com +45 26807036 Silkeborgvej 335 8230 Åbyhøj Denmark