DR Ultra Nyt Instagram A small selection of animations from DR Ultra Nyts Instagram. NB! IF VIDEOS ARE NOT WORKING, TRY CHROME. Sorry for the inconvenience.. Assignment Bringing news to kids in an informative and fun way Made by All videos belong to DR ULTRA NYT
Sydenlandet My second 2d animation. A character study of Norwegian tourists on vacation. Assignment Animation workshop Made by Solo project.
Gymnastene My first ever 2d animation. The Gymnasts is a character study of a typical gym-goer. Assignment Free 4 week assignment Made by Solo project
Pølsemand A film about the danish love for hot dogs. Assignment Making a teaser for an upcoming exhibition at Trapholt Made by Solo Project
DSKD A promotion video for Design school Kolding, made for Instagram. Made from images with the hashtag #designskolenkolding, and illustrations by me, Assignment Making an animation promoting Design school Kolding Made by Solo project