Min tissemand tisser på dit hoved A interactive childrensbook, about kids sexuality. PLEASE CLICK / DRAG ANG DROP ON THE IMAGES. Assignment Bachelor project Made by Me, with guidence from Anna Louise Stevnhøj.
Flugten A game for teenagers to play with their imprison parents. The game is called Flugten, The Escape in English, and is a game that provokes negotiation, conversation and bonding, in a fun way. It is targeted towards teenagers 13+, and adults. And can be played by 2-4 player Assignment The assignment was to make a game for teenagers to play with their imprisoned parent, as when children reach their teenage years, they stop visiting their parents in prison. Made by A collaboration between Johanne Katrine Knudsen Ib, Anne Lausten, Rebecca Houmøller and myself, with The State Prison of East Jutland.
Kragomaten An interaction design project, connecting the animals of the city and the habitants together in a positive manner. Assignment Communication/interaction design project for school Made by Myself, Ingeborg Munk Toft and Mette Frøsig. Illustrations made by Mette Frøsig.
Smuk med skrald / Beautiful with trash How can we use waste food for something else? The first project ever made at Design school Kolding. 3 weeks of field research and experimenting led us to make a book with beauty tips, using waste food. Assignment Communication school project Made by Myself and Rebecca Houmøller, who also made the illustrations.
A Century of dreaming Nasa is closer than ever to sending astronauts to mars, so now is the time to get peoples attention to the space travel, it is important to keep people dreaming. A century of dreaming is an installation containing a century of martian films, linked with a century of real martian footage from NASA. Showing how the film industry has been influenced by real space travel, but still dreaming of what might be. Assignment Data Visualization collaboration project with NASA Made by Jeppe Lambæk, Sigurd Grelck, Emma Brown and myself
MIN TISSEMAND TISSER PÅ DIT HOVED A interactive chidrens book, about kids sexuality - Please play with the pages. Assignment Bachelor project Made by Me, in collaboration with Anna Louise Stevnhøj
Roundabout Festival, Billund made during a three week GEOBRANDING courses at Design School Kolding. In collaboration with Mads Quistgaard and Christian Pagh from UiWE.. Roundabout Festival is a town festival taking place at Billunds many roundabouts Assignment we were set to rebrand Billund, The Capital of Children Made by Roundabout Festival was made by Christian Andersen, Sara Vestergaard and myself.
Men with cats An I-magazine - cultural magazine about interesting men and their cats Assignment Make an I-magazine with something that interests me. Made by Me. Model Bjørn Jensen and Muskat.
Naked Lunch A new book cover for the classic Naked Lunch by William Burroughs. Assignment Competitive examination for Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. Made by Me.
Friluftsambassaden Identity design for Danish Friluftsambassaden. The characters name is Birk, and will be used in different occasions depending on what they are offering of activities. And for commercial use. Assignment Making an identity for Friluftsambassaden Made by Me.